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Retreat Yourself – Mystery Box

Delivered to your door, subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular.

They’re perfect as a last minute gift, ideal for a bit of self-care and pampering and perfect for trialling new products.


I hadn’t tried the Retreat Yourself Box before nor had I heard much about it. I’ll be honest, price puts me off a lot of subscription boxes- mainly because I find them to be filled with sample size bottles and sachets and to me that’s a bit of an eye roll, give me a regular full-size container because more than likely I’m not going to purchase from your little sachet, one application sample.

The Retreat Yourself was full size.


Full size.

I was happy, I could actually try everything for more than one application and the box is full, filled to the brim with full sized beauty and health goodies.


There were a couple really good looking mask from Detox that I’ll looking forward to trying, along with some vegan protein, a shampoo bar ( I love solid shampoos) some skincare from Skin Food NZ, Lariese Organics, AMR Hair Care along with some skincare essential oils and some beetroot latte powder from Jomeis Fine Food.

I loved this package of goodness, there are some lovely items included and items I would use on a daily basis. I’m really pleased the Retreat Yourself Box included the beetroot latte powder, because I had a beet late a couple weeks ago, first time in a long time and remembered how delish they are, and then BAM! in my letterbox.



Have you ever had a Retreat Yourself Box?

What’s your favourite thing about a subscription box?



Natalie Laura




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