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Valentine’s Day Decor

I love the love around Valentine’s day, the cute people running to grab last minute bundles of flowers from the florist, the bounce of bundles of heart balloons being tugged along and pushed into a car, ready to be driven to a love. The cut out heart cards made at schools and day care and then those that roll their eyes at this ‘Hallmark’ holiday.


Oh well, I think it’s a sweet day and the love that;s in the air does make the day all that little more magical.

The Feast of Saint Valentine was established by Pope Gelasius I in AD 496 to be celebrated on February 14 in honour of the Christian martyr, Valentine of Rome, who died on that date in AD 269. It is also thought that it coincides with Lupercalia,  an ancient Roman fertility festival which fell between February 13th to 15th hence Valentine’s Day February 14th.

I’ve featured some of my favourite Valentine’s Day finds online, especially if you’re wanting to grab some last minute decorations for this day of love,or just to get some ideas for future Valentine’s Days.


There are so many cute little decor items available on ETSY if you’re into decorating your home or office and want to just love up the kitchen, your desk or your lounge room.

LusterPrints on ETSY have these gorgeous printable watercolour hearts which would look super sweet in a frame.


Another cute picture you could frame and have sitting near your front door or on the kitchen bench is this downloadable farm-style image by GiftShopBoutique.



EmKayCreative has these super sweet photo holder’s which are great to leave up all year round or slip in photos of you and your partner or family for Valentine’s Day.


If you want something simple, and just a touch of love then these heart garlands from LaMiaCasa are perfect.



A simple heart cushion from Kmart is easy to throw on the couch, or grab a few of them to place around the home or on beds.


I think I am going to pick up a couple of the Target heart mugs because the are really pretty and I love having seasonal mugs.

Artisan Heart Mug


Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

What was the best Valentine’s Day you have ever had?





Natalie Laura


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