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Essential Oils

So recently I rekindled my interest in essential oils; some of you may not know but it was one of my subjects at University as part of my Natural Medicine course. Unfortunately it wasn’t something I could afford to continue studying, as there was no AusStudy or HEC’s at that stage for the Uni I was attending and I had to pay per module- whilst only studying part time so I could work full time to pay for it. As a twenty-something, studying for the next eight years was not on my agenda and so I dropped out, and used the time to work and travel consistently.

Now in my thirties, and still having an interest for natural remedies, healing and related products I’d delved back into essential oils and their benefits. You can join me on this essential oil exploration here and also purchase any oils you need aswell.

I’ve set myself up pretty well so far with borrowing books from the library to read and also I’ve been printing out a bunch of information so I have booklets handy for guided information and blends. I have also signed up to DoTerra to get my oils from and I was a little shocked at the prices to begin with but after doing some research I now understand that these oils are sourced from the highest quality plants, tested for safety, purity and thus are more potent and pure. I’ve come to realise a lot of the cheaper brands are blended with high quality oils therefore can label them as pure. DoTerra – meaning Gift of the Earth in Latin- also test all the locations of the herbs and plants to find the best chemical compounds for their oils.

My current favourite oils are Peppermint, Frankincense and Lemon.

I recommend getting a diffuser for your oils as using them in an oil burner can actually not only change the composition of the oil (I’ve only just found this out) but it’s more likely to be dangerous with the risk of the oil heating too much and catching alight. Diffusers still circulate the oil with water but diffuse them into a light mist which works perfectly and looks beautiful too.

I’ve got a few basic recipe blends which I want to share as I think they have worked really well over the last few weeks and it’s been fun playing around and trialling different oil blends.

Most people have some sort of dry skin on their feet so I’ve been loving this blend for cracked heels-

2-4 tablespoons carrier oil – I used sweet almond

4 drops Frankincense

4 drops Peppermint

4 drops Lemon

2 drops Oregano

2 drops Tea Tree


Mix the essential oils and carrier oil in a small bottle, I used a small glass jar that I bought in the craft section of a dollar shop, and then apply this on the dry area or cracked heels before bed each night, rubbing in circular motions and then cover with a pair of socks.

Wee Man has been having a lot of nightmares or mid night wakings the last few weeks and I’ve been using lavender oil, a pre-made blend called Peace and also some Frankincense. This worked temporarily but I then changed it up and have a had successful nights since! I’ve also used it on myself and Bob and even though I don’t have any trouble falling asleep I feel like I’ve had much more of a deep satisfying sleep.

In a diffuser add:

4 drops Lavender Peace

4 drops Frankincense

2 drops Roman Chamomile

2 drops Oregano

I usually allow this to diffuse for about three hours, beginning it about thirty minutes before bedtime, and at times I reset it to three hours (my diffuser only does a three hour maximum) for Wee Man before I go to bed so it’s constant for him into the night.

Another blend I’m really enjoying is that Mum-Juice, needing some extra energy, get up and go oomf, that we find we tend to need throughout the day. This has been a really easy blend and also really lovely to smell, as I just apply some to my wrists and it gives of a little whiff every now and then, it would also work in a diffuser too, especially if you need that extra push for cleaning over the weekends.

2 drops Peppermint

2 drops Frankincense

2 drops Lemon

If you’re planning on using this directly onto the skin use a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil.


What other essential oil blends and recipes would you like to see?


Natalie Laura



Be aware of research your oils that you are using first and don’t directly place oils on the skin, or in a bath or ingest, please make sure you are being careful and aware of the affects of using oils directly on or in the body.




2 thoughts on “Essential Oils”

  1. I’m also a big fan of essential oils! I tend to use them mostly for my migraines and when I’m feeling anxious. Some recipes for those issues would be great!


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