Vegan Made Delights

I adore lip balms, especially in the heat of summer and the deathy-cold of winter.

Lip Balms are so handy to store in your purse or bag, and lets be honest, we can never find one until we’re not looking and bingo! five different scents in the bottom of our bags.


I’ve been trying a couple of Hemp Lip Balms from Vegan Made Delights, one lemon-lime and one peppermint. Oh dear Lord. These, besides coconut and vanilla are my favourite flavours, I use them in oil burners, in body washes and shampoo and always in candles. So being able to have a natural, vegan lip balm in the lemon-lime and the peppermint, was honestly Heaven. The best thing too was that the scents really helped clear my nose too, as I was a little blocked up from a cold and the smell from my lips, being close enough to inhale was an added bonus.


Each balm contains over 70% certified organic ingredients and contain hemp seed oil, flower extracts, essential oils and vitamins.

Vegan Made Delights also have a range of Sesame Butter Bars, which come in a cacao or original flavour.



Vegan Made Delights make a perfect point in their business development story-

why chose life or death each day?

And this holds so much truth, why should animals make sacrifices when there are plenty of natural products that can be used in place of their lives. Being Vegan means choosing life, being compassionate and loving.



Natalie Laura


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