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Dinner and a Movie

We have been able to do a few things together just the two off us as we are temporarily kid – free at the moment so standard things like being able to go out to dinner or just go for a drive or to the movies have actually been prospects for us.

We enjoyed an amazing dinner on Wednesday night at Akiba a Japanese restaurant followed by Bohemian Rhapsody (like I said, kid free, so we’re catching up on everything) at the Dendy Cinemas.

Our dinner was amazing and the customer service flawless.



We were able to be shown the gluten free vegan menu and so enjoyed some tofu, edamame and rice, as we only wanted something light as to allow room for popcorn, plus it was a fairly late dinner at about 7:45pm.

I loved their tofu and I need to figure out how to re-create it as the dish was perfection, best tofu dish I’ve eaten.

It’s just such a relief and pretty fantastic when there are separate menus and menus with actual variety for vegans or those with intolerances.  It makes dining out that little bit easier and the fact that the customer service was good it made the experience that  much better and the staff didn’t make us feel like we were being a hassle.


The movie was awesome as expected and even though it was a Wednesday the film still drew  a packed theatre which was impressive. And speaking of movies we have also seen Holmes and Watson and the revamped Robin Hood. Both those films were entertaining but even then, that’s a stretch.


What’s the worst film you’ve ever seen?

If you have kids, do you get the chance to go on many date nights?





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