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We visited Cronulla a couple of weeks ago, first time for me 20689th time for Bob.

What a place! It’s so pretty and the area is so beachy and open, and it’s such a different lifestyle. Reminded me a lot of Burleigh Heads in Queensland.


I like that now living in Canberra I’m a bit closer to places that I’ve never considered visiting before and I’m enjoying the fact that it’s just a few hours road trip to visit different places as opposed to longer if I’d been travelling from Melbourne.



There were some awesome foodie places which of course was a highlight for me and after our morning beach walk we enjoyed breakfast at Heart & Soul Cafe. Bob and her Aunt enjoyed the buckwheat pancakes and I had a gorgeous Acai Bowl.


We also enjoyed a delicious lunch at EAT Burger, which don’t have a vegan option but their vegetarian option was pretty amazing although you will find they can’t make the patty gluten free, but for myself it wasn’t enough gluten to affect me. We also then ate a perfect That dinner at THY Thai which was just wonderful service and delicious food, highly recommend visiting if you’re in Cronulla.


Cronulla was the perfect start to our new year, and it was good to be away, kid free and reconnect with nature and the ocean.



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