Vegan Christmas

Coming into Christmas, and being a vegan, makes food choices that little bit harder, especially when there are Christmas gatherings and we tend to do a lot of ‘…that’s okay I’ll bring something that I can eat..’ when accepting invitations.

I’ve created a little list of some of my favourite places to shop, my favourite recipes and some books I love for this time of the year.

When it comes to shopping for foods for Christmas ALWASY check out your local supermarket first. See what exactly it is you want to feast on and go from there. Just remember, you don’t have to be traditional. There are items like Tofurky, that everyone goes crazy over each year. Just remember most vegan ‘meats’ are processed, so be careful in your choices.  I’ve tried the Tofurky Roast in the past and it’s neither here not there for me, doesn’t taste like anything other than a vegan meat.

If you are cashed up and money is no issue for you I would suggest visiting The Cruelty Free Shop and grab some items from them, you can order online or visit them instore. They have a huge array of items and they sometimes offer discounts too. I shop with them once or twice a year- the last two years being on Vegan Day Out so I can get somewhat of a deal.

Another great place to shop online is iHerbiHerb, although of course you wont be able to get anything fresh or frozen as it comes from the USA. But I highly recommend at least taking a look through for all their vegan goodies, treats and supplements.

Some books I recommend are Vegan Christmas which has a tonne of recipes for the festive season. Vegan Cookbook by Cinzia Trenchi is very good too.

I do find looking at recipes online it much more convenient and lets me honest, just plain easy so some of my favourite websites to find recipes I need I’ve listed below.

Jamie Oliver

BBC Good Food


The Vegan Woman

Where do you like to get your vegan Christmas ideas from or do you make them up yourself?

Do you come from a vegan family?

Or like me, are the only one amongst the meat eaters?


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