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Weekend Markets

Saturday and Sunday have been great weather-wise, although today has been a bit stormy and windy. We got some amazing thunder and lightning at about 10am this morning which was unexpected but awesome, and the wind has not stopped all day.

This morning we visited the Old Bus Depot Markets, which we have been to a couple of time before, this was a special Christmas Market event though. If you’re a tourist to Canberra or just visiting for the weekend I wouldn’t bother with this market, it is extremely small and not much there and not has much changed on the other two occasions I have visited. Parking is atrocious and I am not sure if it’s because they’re all at the market or they’re all at the Glass Works next door.

The market itself has the standard stalls, bare in mind this is not a fresh produce market, more people’s arts and crafts, so cushions and clothing and artwork. There are food stalls there so there’s no issues if you get hungry, even if you’re a vegan there will be choice too.

After the Bus Depot we went to the Hartley Hall Markets, which too is quite a basic market, but this one is spread over a couple of fields and is larger than the other market but still lacks goods. Again there is a handful, maybe of fresh produce and then pretty much just crafts and garden goods, some food stalls and your standard homemade jams, preserves and teas.

The downfall to the Hall market is that it is outside in the elements whereas the Old Bus Depot market is undercover, which is the main reason we went there first.


On Saturday Wee Man and I went to the Living Green Twilight Festival, which we had visited a couple of months back only to discover that we needed only about 20 minutes to visit each stall from start to end. I think the drive from Harrison to Albert Hall took longer than what we spent at the festival. Disappointed this visit, a second hand vegan book stall with books still ridiculously priced at $27 plus a handful of vegan food stalls, unfortunately none of which were gluten free, and then the usual charity stalls and then a handful of accidental vegan pop ups such as a juice bar. Was such a waste of our Saturday afternoon, and I just hope that a bunch of stalls were running late or planning to arrive in the evening, coz I would have been pretty annoyed if what we were there for was it and nothing else.


Anyway, thanks for reading my complaints and Happy Sunday!


Natalie Laura


I need to also find a good fruit and veggie market in Canberra.

Any recommendations?

I’ve visited the Belconnen Market once and the Fyshwick Market too, are these the best I’m gonna get?



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