Festive Christmas Lights

Every year I love to decorate my home with all kinds of festive cheer, which includes decorations, lights and tinsel. I have been stocking up with lights over the years and have fairly decent stock, I did however leave a box of decorations home in Melbourne but I’ve been able to work with what I have here in Canberra.


Our rental luckily has a balcony, fake grass and is quite open and spacious at the front so I’ve been able to cover and decorate the balcony, columns, fence and shrubs.

I bought some projector lights from Kmart, and I’m sorry to say but these do not project, so don’t buy them! I have an inflatable Rudolph and Santa for our balcony and string lights that cascade from the balcony down to the fence-line. I also have the standard candy canes, Santa Stop Here sign and some Santa cut-out lanterns.

I’m really excited to add a few more items too, I have the need for it to be the best house on the street, but even though it’s early November there is only one other home, which happens to be opposite us that has begun the decorating.

Everything is solar powered apart from the inflatable Santa and Rudolph that adorn our balcony, so it at least isn’t costing anything but time for the initial set up, and then the sunset does the rest.


For inside décor I love the Kmart Woodland Characters which we have had for a couple of years now are easy to put together and look lovely on a bench or table centrepiece. Our Light Up Reindeer we have had for the last two years also and it looks super sweet in the with it’s light up antlers. Another bit of festive fun are the Glittered Reindeer.


Most of my string lights I’ve bought from Kmart over the years and they still going strong, give or take a few of them plus some are just so old now they’re just worn out.

I bought a handful of new items to add to my collection which included some bulb solar lights for the garden path which look fantastic.


Are you decorating your home for Christmas?

Do you go and visit decorated homes during Christmas?

Happy Festive Season everyone!

Have a wonderful end to 2018.


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