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Happy Hair Brush-ing

There is nothing like untamed, wild, frizzy, tangled hard to brush hair.

You know what I’m talking about, we have all been there, whether it be ourselves, friends or our kids, even beards and pets!


So to go from unruly hard-to-tame hair to shiny, manageable and brushable hair would be great, right? Well hold on to them curls and toss out your current hairbrush coz now you can brush 2 day to 2 week unwashed hair with ease, thanks to Happy Hair Brush.

The unique design of the hairbrush is a combination of nylon pins and boar bristles on a massive, vented paddle allowing tangles to be loosened, untangled and smoothed. It’s easy to knot (hehehe) only brush tangled unwashed or dry hair but also matted and frizzy hair. The brush works on all kinds of hair, and makes those dreaded hair brushing times no longer existent as there is no more need to be concerned or worry about painful hair-brushing.


The other awesome thing to note about this product is that two Aussie Mum’s designed and created this product! Yay! Click here to see some of their videos using the hairbrush.

Happy Hairbrush even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you’re not entirely happy within the first 14 days they’ll not only refund you the purchase price but the postage for you to end it back! Now that is a bloody good returns policy!

I have always had thick, wavy hair and the majority of the time I’m honestly too lazy to brush it, mainly as it takes effort, it’s time consuming, painful and downright annoying. The Happy Hair Brush has just enabled my laziness even more as I don’t have to worry about the process of brushing my hair weekly now because I don’t have to suffer the battles with knots and tangles as the brush just glides right through with ease. Thank you Happy Hair Brush for encouraging this laziness with a product that actually works.

As it’s close to Christmas, Happy Hair Brush have given me a discount code for your very own happy Hairbrush purchase for yourself or for use as stocking fillers for the festive season. The team at Happy Hair Brush have also kindly give me a discount code so you can grab your own brush for some happy hair-brushing, just type in SIMPLY-NL for a discount on your purchase.

Happy Brushing!


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