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Life Planning with Erin Condren

A few years ago some of you will remember my beautiful Life Planner that I had, with ‘Simply Natalie Laura’ embossed on the cover. I felt like it was my own little bible, full of all my important bits and pieces, notes appointments, daily food intake records, goals, just everything that was important, and best of all it was pretty, oh it was so beautiful.


Erin Condren has an endless array of planners, notebooks, pens, stickers, journals, life planners and stationary. You can also get beautiful items for your home office such a throw rugs, art prints and photos on canvas.


One of my favourite things about the Life Planners are that they are fully customisable. The covers are even interchangeable. I love the pen and marker sets too. They’re so cute, colourful and often come with beautiful quote cards.


If you’re planning on visiting Erin Condren make sure you’re comfy, have a cup of your favourite beverage and be prepared to be browsing and puting together your order for a while, there is honestly that much to chose from.


I love the range so much and so would love the share the passion for these gorgeous products with you too. There are so many options for simplifying your life and keeping it stylish. Erin Condren has been around since 2004 and so clearly know what they’re doing with fashion, style and creativity.


It’s daunting when you first open your Life Planner, it’s blank, ready to be used and ready for you to note down plans, appointments and to decorate. To begin with, get the important dates in, whether it be in written form, with stickers or highlighted. Once all your important events and meetings and dates are locked in, then begins the fun part- creativity, remember, this planner is yours, make it your own.  Just don’t let these beautiful shiny stickers and decorative embellishments distract you from its main purpose, Life Planning.


If you’re like me and always intend on being organised and on top of things then an Erin Condren Life Planner is exactly what you need, especially when life gets too much. I love being able to have a blank canvas to work with and fill in all my deadlines and appointments. Start getting ready for the new year now with your own collection of Erin Condren stationary, perfect for 2019, the beginning of university, high school or like me, just life and social media in general.

I have a referral link which will give you $10 off your purchase plus if you visit my Instagram I also have a $50 gift card up for grabs !







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