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Weekly Recap

It’s that time of the week again and there’s not too much to catch you up on this time.

It’s been my last week off before I begin work and Wee Man’s first week in his new school, which he has loved. He started on Monday and by Tuesday morning he was asking me to ‘just drop him off’ so that’s a great sign.

I spent Monday and Tuesday getting things finally complete with my transition from Victoria to Canberra by getting my driver’s licence and car registration plates changed over. I also got a bunch of fruit and vegetable shopping done at Aldi too.



Wednesday I made the trip to Queanbeyan to visit my new place of work and meet the team I’ll be working with, I did make a few wrong turns to get there but made it finally!


Wednesday night was a busy night with both boys designing and carving our Jack O Lanterns for Halloween. The pumpkins looked gorgeous and the boys had an amazing time scraping out the insides and designing their pumpkin faces.


We had a lovely relaxing weekend watching one of the boys play softball and then we headed to the Handmade Markets.  They were amazing with so many local and interstate crafts and handmade items. It was the tenth anniversary of the markets and the massive halls were not only full to the brim with products but also with customers browsing the wares.

After the markets we headed to the Gungahlin Festival but due to the awful weather and stormy skies it was cancelled, so we did a bit of shopping and then headed home to keep warm and watch the lightning show.


Sunday was entirely different weather-wise and we enjoyed most of the day at the zoo. It was a fun day with lots of sunshine and success seeing the majority of the animals. The Zoo was pretty good and a decent size with an array of animals but well over-priced.


Back to work tomorrow, and the beginning of a new week.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Natalie Laura


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