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Wholefood Merchants

Finally Wholefood Merchants has opened in Ferntree Gully.  I had heard rumours of a massive health food store opening on Burwood Highway & I’m really glad it’s come to fruition. This mammoth store is a much welcomed staple in the area.



The thing I find frustrating more than anything, is finding goods I want to purchase either a road trip away, or having to resort to online ordering and then  waiting weeks on end for my purchase to be delivered.

Wholefood Merchants has everything.


No, like literally.




Beauty products


Baby goods

Biodegradable crockery and cutlery

Heat packs




Gluten free



Dairy free

Egg free

Fructose free

Vegetarian cafe





Frozen goods

Bulk seeds, legumes & nuts

Cleaning products





Have I got your attention?

Wholefood Merchants is huge. The site was an old furniture warehouse, so that may help to understand the scale of the store. The front is decorated with planter boxes and their wooden theme throughout the store is warm and welcoming. Kinda like a big old barn, full of local products and the once unattainable.


The gentle aroma of  flowers wafts past as you enter Wholefoods (can I call it that?) as a row of decent priced floral bouquets line the entrance. As if that’s not sweet enough, there are then rows upon rows of chocolates- bars, blocks, gift boxes. You are easily catered for if you are hunting for vegan or dairy free sweets.

The shelves are brimming with products, all tidily housed in their sections; gluten free, protein powders, baby foods and so on. There is a huge range of products and lots of new brand lines.

The vegetarian cafe is to the left of the store with plenty of tables and a gorgeous display cabinet full of salads, quiche and cakes. It was abuzz with orders for coffee, smoothies and salads. This will definitely be my post gym stop to pick up lunch before work. The best thing is they’re open seven days, so it will be an ideal place for catch ups with friends over the weekends.

Wholefood Merchants have a varied beauty department too. Everything for a relaxing bath; salts, soy candles,  bath bombs and oils, to creams, perfumes, make up & nail polish.



The meat department was quite good (*sigh* no turkey bacon) as was the range of organic fruits and vegetables.


The freezer section was excellent with a massive range of Coyo and So Delicious (gluten free cookie dough ice cream y’all). There’s plenty of Linda McCartney Vegetarian, Tofutti and Daiya.



The dairy is great with a massive range of yoghurts and cheeses- dairy and non-dairy plus there is a great range of So Delicious, Rebel and Inside Out milks.




I picked up:

So Delicious Latte and Mocha coconut milks

Inside Out almond milk

Rumbles Paleo cookies

Raw4ThePeople mushroom jerky

Bath bomb & bath salt

Box of water- literally looks like I’m drinking out of a milk carton, so quirky

Gluten free lasagne sheets

Savoury yeast flakes


I also bought two gluten free vegan mini mud cakes and two gluten free vegan snickers slices to share with my work colleagues. One of the ladies I work with is gluten and dairy free and one is dairy free. They were both super excited by the cakes, which were described as ‘deevviinnnnee’; they clearly loved them.


There will also be beauty and massage rooms opening soon.


I was also lucky enough to be given a show-bag which had a range of sample products featuring Fusion, Bob’s Red Mill, Grown Alchemist to name a few.image

Was great to spot my favourite duo, The Health Food guys!


I’m kinda glad it’s going to be other people making road trips to visit Wholefood Merchants.

‘Wholefood Merchants? Yeah, they’re in MY hood!’



You can find Wholefood Merchants at

3/794 Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully- next door to Pet Barn




5 thoughts on “Wholefood Merchants”

  1. Oh wow I wasn’t expecting it to be so huge haha. I love that they have a beauty section too, that’s just amazing. Too bad I’m on the other side of the city 😦


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