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Boring Salad?

Salad makes me think of a pile of lettuce, with maybe some tomato & cucumber.

Maybe even spinach, feta & Spanish onion. Maybe that’s the reason why people are so turned off with the idea of a Salad as a meal. It doesn’t always have to be a considered as just a side. 
Try No lettuce with some bean shoots, lentil shoots, anchovy, salsa, beetroot & croutons.
What about some purple kale, artichoke hearts, alfalfa, egg, mayonnaise & some olives. 
One of my favourites is tzatsiki, pretzels, alfalfa, bean shoots, mung beans, capsicum & rocket.
Tonight’s salad contained spinach, pickled onion, capers, roasted capsicum, asparagus, tzatsiki, pretzels, bean shoots, cherry tomatoes & anchovies.

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