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Crumbed Avocado

I was unsure how this idea would pan out.  I assumed the avocado (sometimes called the alligator pear) would turn to mush & end up brown.  It actually turned out delicious & the crumb was crunchy.  It worked perfect as a snack but would be an ideal side dish or entree.

For the crumb I used:
1/2 a cup of gluten free breadcrumbs
Salt & pepper

I sliced up a fairly ripe avocado into sticks and dipped each one into the juice of one lemon that was mixed with an egg white. I then coated them in the crumb mix.
These there then baked on a lined try for about 15 minutes (or until browned) at 180 degrees celsius. 
They were great dipped in some sweet chilli sauce.

Avocados are high in fibre, they are sodium & cholesterol free food.

They contain 20 essential nutrients, including healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (good fats such as Omega 3), vitamins A, C, D, E, K and the B vitamins, including biotin & folate, along with potassium.


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