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Winner Winner Pumpkin Pancakes For Dinner

I was lucky enough to win the Knox Leader Newspaper Vegspiration Competition.

My winning meal was featured in the paper as a prize, along with a $50 fruit & vegetable voucher for The Coolstore in Ferntree Gully. I’m in the running for the major prize- of an iPad Mini! 

I think people forget that it’s easy to incorporate fruits & vegetables into our diets & why all of a sudden is there the whole issue of how to hide veggies in foods. It should be a non negotiable.
Meals & snacks are pre-packaged & convenient. It’s a shame how normal this is in daily life. I love experimenting with foods & attempting to improve & create better options. 
I’d rather eat something in its natural state than something treated or fortified.
We seem to be losing, real, whole foods.

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