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Halfway to Healthy

I’ve always been one for eating healthy, being healthy, keeping active and everything that comes with looking after yourself- inside & out.

After having a baby I felt bloated and just blah in general. There was a constant heavy feeling in my stomach and I longed to be back in my size six jeans. 
Going vegan had a lot of benefits and made a lot of sense. I felt better, cleaner, healthier and had a general lighter feeling in my stomach. Not that I was hungry or lacking nutrition. I went and had full blood works done at the doctor and she was even shocked when after she said everything was perfect I blurted out- 
I’m vegan!
I tent to just dabble in vegan foods now. I try to stick with fish & other seafoods as my main form of ‘meat’ and a lot of vegetables & legumes.  Much of the vegan/vegetarian alternatives are high in salt & are highly processed, meaning you may as well have a burger & opt for the saturated fat!
I’ve lost a total of just over 13kgs in the last 6 months. Mainly aiming for my 10,000 steps per day- I work in retail so it pretty easy. And lighter food options, smoothies, superfoods, fruits, vegetables and vegan based nutrition. I feel better, look better.
I still have a long way to go. I want to lose another 7 kilos but with the way in going I think it will be achievable. I’m not aiming I be back at my pre-baby weight but I want to be comfortable with myself.


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