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The Vegan Box – March




Can you believe we are already in March, which means it’s The Vegan Boxnumber three for twenty twenty and each delivery has been an amazing goodie delivery.

This month features Jomeis Fine Food Cacao Latte powder, Vegan Jerky, Super Cubes Lemon Slice, Fermented Mushroom Powder, Beanopini Beans, Aloe Vera Gel and Jungle Harvest Barnanaz chocolate banana bar.


The Jomeis Fine Foods Cacao Latte powder is a delish chocolately drink with a hint of vanilla and Himalayan pink salt, plus it’s gluten and caffeine free and perfect for the kids. I have their beetroot latte variety and it is so good it’s addictive.

Aromatica Organic Aloe Vera gel is a vegan version which is perfect for keeping the skin healthy and hydrated and a natural skin coolant which is suitable for sunburned skin.

The Jungle Harvest BARnanaz bar is a chocolate coated solar dried banana which is moist and sweet and a great on the go snack.

The Set The BarOrganic Mushroom powder is my favourite part of the March delivery, mainly because i have been wanting to try a mushroom powder for quite a long time now and I’m looking forward to the results. The instructions state adding a teaspoon to your smoothie, drink, meal or basically anything your about to ingest and it contains naturally occurring digestive enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, proteins, peptides and the list goes on. This would be perfect for those looking to boost their health and wellness and for those missing vitamins and minerals from their diet.


The Kombucha Cafe’s Scoby Snack Vegan Jerky is pretty cool as it’s made from Kombucha and Scoby (the mother part of what creates Kombucha) and as good as this looks I can’t tell you how it tastes as I’m intolerant to Kombucha but if you’re craving a jerky and love Kombucha then give this a go, it’s flavoured with fermented veggies including sweet potato and carrot.


The Vegan Box also contained some Beanopini Turmeric lupini beans which have featured in the box previously ut not in this flavour and I LOVE THEM. Was so happy to unbox and see a sachet of these little guys because they are so good to snack on, or like me, eat the entire bag. They are so yum and I ate about half the bag by themselves and then the rest mixed into a salad.


Lastly the Super Cubes lemon slice wholefood bar is going to be perfect for my post gym snack. I’ve been hitting up the gym before work and  have needed something nourishing and filling on my drive from the gym. I’ve been beginning the day with a banana and have needed to have something that’s natural, whole and easy to eat whilst driving. This Super Cubes bar has a 5 star health rating an is gluten and dairy free too.


I love receiving this monthly vegan delivery, and don’t miss out on this March vegan box and order yours today.


Natalie Laura


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