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Blogmas- Better Health, Better Living

There are too many options these days, so many avenues and too many ways to become ‘healthy’ or to improve your ‘well-being’.  There’s so much that’s good for you to eat and then we find out a few years later, ummmm actually that’s not so good for you and you should actually avoid that, eat this instead, and of course that changes yet again.


I’m happy to be able to say I am much better and healthier and happier within myself the last couple of years. I’ve realised that it’s not only balance with my foods and exercise (I know, duh) that’s important but it’s also my gut health that is super important.


Don’t stop reading yet. I promise you’ll learn something from this post, or at least I hope you will, or you’ll be able to share this information with someone else and they will learn from it.


Okay, gut health. Did you know that poor gut health could be the basis of all your health problems? Everything from depression, to weight gain and loss, anxiety, insomnia, food intolerance, skin irritations, auto immune diseases, hormone imbalances, sugar cravings, IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative colitis, kidney disease, chronic pain, just to name a few. Isn’t this crazy, it’s almost unbelievable.

Bad gut health can be caused by many different things, such as antibiotics, infection, lack of prebiotics, too much alcohol, stress, not getting enough sleep, cigarette smoking and not eating a diverse range of foods, which sets the stage for this bad gut flora.

Healing your gut is a slow process, remember you didn’t just develop gut issues overnight, you’re not going to heal them in a few weeks, you need to allow a few months. Cleansing the body, putting in the good stuff and slowly healing all those gut problems which as stated above can lead to many problems, including one of the most common, Candida which is a type of yeast infection.


I had terrible stomach issues, for a long time, struggles losing weight even though I was doing all the right things, bloating, abdominal pain, toilet troubles and pimples. I can say that now, I’m finally back on track. I don’t have any of these symptoms or any of these troubles anymore. It took time, and I truly thought that on my varied and wholefood vegan diet I would be able to heal myself, it turns out I needed that bit extra.

I take my pink drink daily, sometimes twice a day, helping me with energy, sleep, blood sugar and glucose balance. I also take a Vital Cleans which helps with pooping, inflammation and regularity, plus a Pro Bio Fit which restores that good gut flora, perfect for medically diagnosed IBS and promotes general health and well-being.


I can’t recommend this enough and I really hope you will take the next step, get on board for the next three months and really start to heal your gut health and get back on the health and happiness train that is Life.

Click here to get started or leave me a message in the comments if you have questions.


Natalie Laura


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