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Blogmas- Oh Christmas Tree

I love setting up the Christmas Tree and I always have enjoyed it. I think it’s the fact that to me it symbolises the end of the year and the promise of new beginnings. I love the fact there are so many options for decoration of the tree and honestly the options and colours and styles are endless, even the tree itself doesn’t need to be real, plastic or even green!

The Christmas Tree dates back to the early rimes, with lots of cultures from the early Germans to right back to the ancient Egyptians using evergreen trees and firs to decorate at different times of the year and for symbolising new life.

Christmas Trees were also considered a Pagan custom and was almost stamped out in the USA when pilgrims wanted nothing to do with this ‘pagan mockery’ and even brought in laws for decorations and celebration. Of course now trees are a huge part of the festive season and they no feature in not only homes but in shops and centres.

We set up our Christmas Tree and we decorated it with not only themed colours but some handmade items too.


Happy Festive Season


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