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The Vegan Box

November is the official beginning of the festive season and even though I get a special vegan delivery each month, I was most excited about the November Vegan Box because it gets me all sorts of excited for gifting and the end of the year.


The beautiful Vegan Box was filled with two varieties of faba beans from the Human Bean Co, Pizza Supreme and Lime & Black Pepper. I love these because they make a quick snack, ideal for a nibble on the run, aussie grown and packed with protein and fibre plus they’re gluten free. The fava beans are also perfect for school lunches too as they’re nut free.


There was also a box of the delicious Shelby’s Cookies, these were chocolate chip flavour and again a great snack, especially if you’re watching your calorie intake or you’re gluten free. I’ve tried the raspberry cookies before which I really enjoyed, they had that sweet, sharpness of raspberry and then the crumbly cakey goodness of a cookie.


Bundy’s Protein Bites in salted caramel and macadamia which I fear opening because last time I opened their cookies and cream version it was every man for themselves. They are addictive and so yummy, just little pops of sweet goodness.


Kitz included their Coconut Dream Lime Sublime bar which is a three ingredient snack bar that is perfect for a coconut lover. It’s moist and filling and great as a treat or dessert.


Vegan Made Delight’s Sunita Sesame and Coconut Syrup Bar is the perfect natural energy bar, sweet and contains only the two ingredients.  I like these type of bars because they’re perfect for putting in your handbag and forgetting about until you need a snack and they come in so handy for a quick pick-me up at work too.

Wrappa reuseable food wraps were also part of the November Vegan Box and I am so exicted for these! I’ve been wanting to use them for such a long time but haven’t been able to find vegan ones or it’s just slipped my mind. Instead of using beeswax like other non plastic food wraps these are made from cotton, plant resins and waxes and jojoba oil.

Don’t forget that The Vegan Box makes a fantastic monthly subscription for someone for Christmas or a one off gift delivery for that special someone.

Click here for subscription information.

Click here for gift box ideas.


Natalie Laura


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