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Erin Condren Life Planner


It’s that time of year again! Updating my current Life Planner to a brand spanking new and updated Erin Condren Life Planner.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, or you have never heard of Erin Condren then head here to read all about her amazingness. And if you like what you see and want $10 off your purchse then use my referral link and start shopping!

This year my planner begins July 2019 and goes right until December 2020. The thing that keeps me coming back to Erin Condren is the versatility and the fully customisable products. I’ve chosen a personalised cover for this year, which is interchangeable, so all covers can be used between planners, or depending on your mode or colour scheme.

I also included a new range of pastel coloured pens, more stickers and some mini notepads, along with some elasticised book marks so it’s easier for me to refer to notes or dates as I need them.

The colours I chose feature a rose gold base, with pastels and whites and pinks, plus a brand new sticker book along with some coloured dots in shades of pinks and purples.

The easiest way to describe a Life Planner is that you’re given the base with your set up selections and then you can go crazy with your colours, stickers, designs and life plans. It’s fun to have something you can spend time designing and making your own. There’s much to chose from on the website, your basic (or not so basic) planner, which is your blank canvas, and then everything from an attachable pencilcase, clip on ruler, pens, highlighters, gel pens, sticker and label sets, note pad and folios, tote bags and planner charms.

The Life Planner is perfect for teachers, those with lots of meetings or busy schedules and perfect for those, like me who are heavy on their social media presence and need ot have meetings, emails, social media posts and events all lined up in an easy to see grid or list.  It also gives a break from technology and the constant need to be on our phones, especially for those in social media where there never seems to be much of a break.

I’m really excited for the next step with my planner and fancying up my pages and getting things in order. There always seems to be something to note down, or random ideas that need a little bit of planning or visual attention.

I love to use the stickers to plan my weekly blog posts, and like to fact they are easily removed if I need to switch plans around, saves on the having to cross things out or make things look that little bit messy or unorganised.

If you’re thinking about a planner for the coming months I would urge you take a look at the Erin Condren site, get your ideas or start arranging a personalised planner, plus shipping to Australia doesn’t take too long and it’s worth the wait just for the packaging.

Don’t forget to take a look at the range of Art Prints and Accessories.

Let me know if you purchase a planner and be sure to send me some photos!


Natalie Laura

If you want to see my last year’s planner then check out my blog post.


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