Photography and Horse Riding

Bob and I decided to take a day each off work so we could spend the day together, as we don’t get much chance to do that any more, and we wanted to have a mini adventure.

Our day started early with a visit to the Red Hill Lookout, at which I enjoyed not only a coffee but the most gorgeous views, and we took many photos.

We then jumped back into the car and drove to Lake Burley Griffin, where we found a cute secluded spot where we could set up a picnic, enjoy the view of the water and relax in the rays of the beautiful sunshine.


The adventure then continued with a drive to the National Arboretum, and by that time Bob’s DSLR was well utilised, as were our phone memories. It was good to be out and about, enjoying some time together and also being able to enjoy being kid free. Plus it was the perfect time for photography time, as it’s both something we have a strong developing passion about.


As the afternoon drew on we made our way to the National Equestrian Centre for our trail ride. I haven’t been horse riding in well over 15 years and Bob was about the same. I used to go with friend’s fairly often when I was younger and it is something that I dearly miss getting to do, so this was just the perfect end to the day.


Do you get to have much kid-free time if you’re a parent?

What’s something you haven’t done in a long time, due to life just getting in the way?



Natalie Laura


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