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Melbourne to Canberra

Six Months. It’s been a whole six months here in Canberra for Wee Man and I and we have had numerous adventures here in our nation’s capital.


There’s actually a lot to do here and so we have been able to be super busy or super lazy every weekend. The first month of being in Canberra were school holiday’s for Wee Man so we did get to do a lot of the usual things people do with kids’ here in Canberra such as Questacon and the Telstra Tower.


I have really been enjoying the country-city life balance as it’s been beautiful to see all the open landscapes, trees and kangaroos but also good to be able to look in the opposite direction and see houses and shops. I can see why Canberra won the Lonely Planet award because it really does seem to have the best of everything (except petrol prices) and I do love that almost everything is about a 20 minute drive away.



Wee Man has settled well into school but it’s been strange seeing him at such a huge school, and even though standard school education runs from Prep to Year 10 here, just the amount of kids from Prep to Grade 6 is probably five times the amount of students than at his previous school in Melbourne.

Work has been great, I was able to be transferred locations from Melbourne to Queanbeyan, so my drive to work is just outside of Canberra in New South Wales and it’s a pretty easy and picturesque drive, with Kangaroos along the way and horses and ponies and cattle on private farmland.

We were lucky enough to find a beautiful house to rent too, which made the move nice and easy as it’s a larger dwelling with plenty of space and decent storage so we have been able to turn it into a lovely and suitable home for all of us.



I am very slowly getting to know the different suburbs and regions of Canberra and there are luckily a lot of very helpful people and businesses which have been generous and kind and really made the move here that little bit easier by being so welcoming.



Have you ever made a big move?

What did you like and dislike about it?

What would be your advice for preparing for a lifestyle change?



Natalie Laura


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