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New Year



So this isn’t going to be one of those New Year, New You posts. Because, lets face it, realistically we do what we want, when we want.  Plus we know what we should do but it’s actually the motivation to do those ‘should do’ things.

So lets start this new year differently, don’t worry about what is expected of you or what you should be doing, instead maybe write down some goals, make it pretty on a vision board or in the notes section of your diary or just in the notes section on your phone.



It doesn’t even need to be anything drastic or anything you feel you should be achieving instantly, it could always be some sort of goal or achievement that you’d like to be able to tick off that list this year. It may not even be a traditional goal such as that drop five kilos it could be the fact that you really want to try learning something new and this is the year you are finally going to be doing something about it.



One of the easiest ways to make those goals and dreams happen this year is to talk about them and share them with others, you don’t need to announce those goals or tell the world about them but it would be ideal to share your desire and drive with another, just so you have someone who can support you and someone that isn’t going to judge you and your new focus.


In 2019 I’m hoping to check some things off my list, I’d really like to start writing a book, it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was in primary  school and when life got in the way it was a dream that got tossed aside, and as did my writing skills after not properly using them over the years. That’s something I would really like to at least begin this new year and I would also like to build my social media. And not build it for the likes or the followers but build it because I enjoy it and to provide for those others that also enjoy it.

Just remember that it is important to please yourself and achieve your own goals and focus on your own personal dreams. It isn’t selfish to follow your own path and reach your own destinations.

Happy New Year Cherubs!


Natalie Laura


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