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Andalou Naturals – Pumpkin Honey Mask

I’ve been lucky enough to try the new Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask.
This gorgeous rich mask is perfect to gently resurface your complexion. The mix of organic pumpkin and Manuka honey and fruit acids will give you a gentle, luminous and smooth complexion.





You will feel the tingle of the ingredients as they work on removing those dry, unwanted cells from your face. Not only will you love love love the purpose of this face mask, but it smells so delicious, anyone who loves the pumpkin spice, chai flavours and scents will adore this product lavishing their face.


If you’re not aware of what glycolic acid is, which features in this mask it is basically the Holy Grail for skincare and exfoliation. It effectively removes the out most layer of dead skin cells from the skin leaving a brighter, smoother, fresher complexion. Products containing this acid are often used in healing scarring and the signs of ageing. So it’s perfect for keeping your skin looking new and clear.



You can pick up your own Andalou Mask from Priceline this week and guess what, it’s also gluten and cruelty free!

What do you love best about face masks?

How often do you use a face treatment or mask?


Thank you to Priceline for gifting me this product from Andalou Naturals.


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