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During the last week of the school holidays Wee Man and I visited Questacon which was so much fun. Wee Man had so much to explore over the many different levels, each full of interactive displays. He also got to experience a few earthquake tremors in the earthquake simulator and see a man-made lightening strike and mini tornado.

Questacon is Australia’s National Science and Techology Centre and is perfect for kids of all ages, there is even a section for toddlers to play in, filled with water games, building activities and plenty of interactive and hands on fun.


Much of Questacon is just fun, as seen from the eyes of a child. Wee Man would run up to each activity, reading instructions and pressing relevant buttons or watching the results of his experiments. Each room within each level of the Centre is crammed with activities, displays, televisions and exhibits for the young mind.


Wee Man was in awe around every corner and loved relating to the science he had already learned at school and some things that were new to him and yet to be explored.

A day can easily fly within the crazy walls of Questacon with a multitude of activities, games, puzzles and resources.

After a fun few hours adventuring around Questacon take a break in the Mega Bites Café and peruse the Q Shop for a little take home souvenir for your inquisitive scientist.


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