gluten free, vegan

Maxi Foods

I adore shopping at Maxi Foods.

The variety and vastness of the supermarket makes it actually a SUPERmarket. There’s everything from fruits and vegetables to lollies (dairy free, gluten free, vegan) to jams, relishes (most Australian made) pastas, fresh cakes and breads plus your standard supermarket lines- pet food, stationary and so on.
The fruit and vegetable section is abundant with beautiful produce with a good selection of organic foods.
If you have specific dietary requirements this is the place for you; isles of gluten free and dairy free are common. Vegans are catered for in the fridge and freezer sections along with pantry staples.
Tofu to products can be found in the freezers although I was disappointed not to find any So Delicious freezer products during this visit.
If it’s breads, gluten filled or not there’s a massive range at Maxi. Although of you’re a tight arse like me, sifting through their clearance bread means loaves to chuck in the freezer for around $1.50.
My favourite is the dairy case. 
Coyo, Wot No?, Rachel’s, Five Am; the list is endless. There’s a good few rows of juices and natural iced teas too.

Maxi Foods is worth the visit and you’ll soon find your trolley full!!
You can visit the Maxi Foods website at 


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