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Duck Duck Mother Goose

Just like Coolstore Fresh, there’s history in small business, or history in the making for some…

Duck Duck Mother Goose

Here’s a rundown on these two beautiful ladies & their exciting idea that has now come to fruition.

Made in Mandurah, Western Australia. We use sustainable, locally grown produce and we create a scrumptious fine foods range of preserves.

From returning back to Western Australia after spending time living on the East Coast, we found ourselves getting frustrated by the limit of fresh, locally produced foods. And when you do come across local products, you pay for it!

So we put our thinking caps on, used our hospitality experience and started many food taste tests, and here we are. We have our own, affordable fine foods range.

We source locally grown produce to Western Australia and we turn that into our gorgeous (if we do say so ourselves) fine food range of jams, chutneys and relish. 

Our mission is to source all our fresh, in season produce direct from the farmer, however that takes time to establish contacts. So in the process, if it’s not from a farmer, our produce comes from your local backyard producer, or farmers market.

The ingredients of our products don’t consist of numbers but of words we can all understand, and the ingredients that we can find from all of our cupboards. 

That means:
No artificial colourings
No artificial flavourings
No added chemicals

And the name?

‘Duck Duck Mother Goose’ is the brain child of two gals. One’s nickname is Rubber Ducky (apparently when you tell her a really funny story she laughs like a quacking duck? hmmm) and the other is Mother Goose, a Chef by trade, when you do something wrong in the kitchen, she goes off like a goose. She’s also the wiser of the two, protective of her pond.]

Our product range is inspired from fond memories of our trips to our grandparents and the tasty treats they used to provide us.

For enquiries please contact us via email at

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