Natural Protein Bites

These all natural Protein Bites are quick & easy to whip up & require no baking.

You will need-
1 can of rinsed chick peas
2 tablespoons agave
4 tablespoons ground cashews
2 tablespoons crushed dark chocolate
2 tablespoons almond milk
Mix everything together & roll into even balls. Coat each one into your choice of- shredded coconut, LSA mix and/or Chia.
Refrigerate until firm.
These stay perfect frozen too & can be left to sit at room temperate before you devour. 
Delicious & nutritious & not filled with whey or powders.
Each bite is 36 calories with on average 5-8 grams of protein.

need to play around with this recipe again as I want to increase the protein content.

This recipe makes 30 protein bites.

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