simply natalie laura

Re-Launch Me

I’ve been staring at the screen for about ten minutes, trying to decide how to start this first post off…

Do I dive right in, start with a recipe, or what.. 
Might just begin with my reasoning behind the blog name- 
Halfway To Healthy
Speaks for itself really- halfway there..
I’ve always been interested in what’s best for my body and how to nutritionally balance foods. I decided at twelve I was going to become vegetarian which was fine with the parentals- as long as I made my own food. Which of course I did, because I didn’t want them to think it was some sort of phase. 
Being vegetarian lasted a good 14 years and then upon discovering I was pregnant, and not knowing any better, I started slowly adding white meats to my diet and before long I was learning to cook steak, make rissoles and crumb chicken.
It was only a year later that I saw an episode of Oprah featuring Alicia Silverstone & her book The Kind Diet that I decided to ‘get back’ to a stricter plant based diet.
It all started from there, I went vegan, back to vegetarian and now I’d say a part-time Vegan with more whole food tendencies.
I guess I will see where this blog takes me and hope if you’re reading you’ll attempt and enjoy some of my foods and recipes.


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