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Getting ready for Blogmas

It’s getting closer to that time of year again. Christmas and festive season items are beginning to be stocked in stores and for some of us, it’s the beginning of the Blogmas season.

What is Blogmas?

Besides a lot of hard work, photography and writing, Blogmas is about posting a daily blog for the first 25 days of December, usually Christmas-themed.

It’s great if you adore the festive season and have a lot of content and ideas. Blogs can be a mix of Christmas gift suggestions, favourite holiday activities, recipes, new year plans, the list is endless really.

You can check out some of my Blogmas posts from last year, which consisted of recipes, movie lists and my Christmas tee shirts.

How to have a successful Blogmas


Plan. Plan. Plan. It’s honestly the only was to make it easy, successful, organised and fun. Definitely begin a list of your Blogmas ideas and how you want to present them on your blog. Make sure you have any festive props and clothing you might need for photos and start researching what companies are releasing Christmas items that you might like to purchase to give you content and ideas.

I tend to draft headings and themes and save them all so I can add photos, words and select the day I’d like them to be published. I like to mix the posts up with multiple topics, and not all are Christmas themed.

Blogmas topic ideas

– What are your Christmas Day plans

– What is your favourite Christmas movie

– Christmas recipes

– Handmade Christmas gift ideas

– Christmas decorating ideas

– The history of Christmas

– Favourite places to shop online for gifts

There are endless ideas and topics for your Blogmas and I found it also made December that bit more special and fun, as I was involving myself even more in the spirit of Christmas.

I hope this has helped if you’re thinking of doing your own Blogmas this year, whether it be on YouTube, your personal blog or on Instagram.

Please let me know if you’re participating in Blogmas this year so I can follow along too.


Natalie Laura


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