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The Vegan Box – September

September is always a good month for me, it’s my birthday month! And what a better way to begin the celebrations early than to receive and open The Vegan Box. You know I always love the goodies found inside this monthly subscription box and each month the contents seem to outdo the prior month’s haul.

Featured in the September box are some great brands and delicious snacks.

The Unreal Co have included their meaty mix which is perfect for making your own vegan protein foods, especially if you need a quick, easy and hearty meal, just whip up some healthy nuggets or patty.

Gin Gins chew ginger candy was exciting to find in the delivery as I absolutely love anything containing or made from ginger. I love how warming and sweet it tastes.

MMMore Choco Power Cubes is another delicious morsel which is perfect as a quick snack or afternoon pick me up.

Luv & Co pro biotic nut bar is the final addition, which arrived in a peanut butter jelly flavour, how could you go wrong. A perfect combination of flavours for a tasty vegan bite.

The NOMO chocolate bar is the chocolate feature of September which is a brand I’ve bought many times before as they create a lot of chocolate varieties which also include Easter eggs at Christmas.

KikiKovic food wraps which are compostable, reusable and 100% cotton I was so eager for as I have started a small collection of vegan food wraps which come in so handy for school lunches and also food storage.

Gem is also part of The Vegan Box for this month, a plant based dental floss with no parabens, teflon or petroleum.

Don’t forget you can get this exact vegan delivery by ordering your own September Vegan Box and don’t forget to use code SNL10 for a discount on your purchase.

Happy vegan shopping!


Natalie Laura


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