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Blogmas- Erin Condren


Life is up and down, life is hectic and life is also about planning and staying on top of being busy and making sure you do schedule time in for yourself and your passions.

You’ve read my posts about Erin Condren before and I do love everything that’s on offer with the massive range of products.


I usually stick with the Erin Condren Life Planner as it literally has everything I need to keep myself focused and to keep on track with what I’m planing for the week, the month; blog posts, social media ideas, events. And sure, I can keep track of this in my phone, I can set reminders and check out what events I’m planning on attended via Facebook but can I make things pretty and aesthetically pleasing? No. Nope. Nada.


I think my love for Erin Condren products stem from always being fascinated  by stationary and what my options were with colours and matching pens and notebooks, looking cute and organised made me FEEL cute and organised. The thing about buying from Erin Condren is the feeling that me, my little self has designed something, that’s honestly what it feels like because everything is customisable, everything. I’m not just talking page layout, I’m talking binder colour, cover, colours, page layout, stickers, basically everything, and it’s yours; the planner that gets delivered to you is yours and you have made it. And the best part about all of that is the fact that you want to use it, pretty it up, as your colours, tabs, stickers, notes and use the collection of pretty pens, you know the ones I mean, the gel pack with that awesome orange although you’re partial to the whiteboard marker in the purple which you use in the back of your planner as it comes with a dry erase section, but then the pastel coloured pens and highlighters just have something special and feminine and pretty about them. And this, is how you become an Erin Condranite. Yes, I proudly call myself one and I am not ashamed.

The Teacher Lesson Planners are perfect too, especially going into the new year and getting your class ready for learning and keeping yourself organised for teaching.


Right now is your perfect time to join in the league of Condranite’s and get your planner organised for the new year, check out your options and begin styling your own Life Planner now!

Happy Shopping!


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