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Blog Feature: Elegance of She

During the last few years of my blogging journey I’ve met a multitude of other social media enthusiasts and I will be featuring some of them here on Simply Natalie Laura over the next few months.

Blog Feature: Elegance of She

Jenet is the face behind all things elegant and sophisticated, a Melbourne Blogger and Vlogger.

Who has impacted your blogging/social media?

My blogging path has been impacted by a Melbourne blogger called “friend in fashion. Shes a positive light that I’ve had the chance to meet (by chance walking down Swanston street) but also have had the chance to interview. Melbourne in particular, have no real idol. She is for me. For social media, Jasmine from Sweetaholic beauty has helped me transform into the fashion and lifestyle blogger I am today. She told me the major importance, quality photos was. In regards to my aesthetic, I just went by what I’d like to see on Instagram.

What has been the most challenging?

To be perfectly honest, the whole thing is (laughs), but I enjoy a challenge and in the end of the day. I am doing somethng completely different.

Who takes your photos?

 I use my own tripod and camera and take them, majority of the time. Unless my friend, who’s a photographer will take photos of me. We go in the city together and shoot my more creative ones.

What is the greatest satisfaction from your social media?

 Engaging with so many liked minded people. 

Are you happy being so heavily involved with social media?

At the start, I didnt like the idea as I use to compare myself to alot of the bloggers that had “made it” and also I didnt engage with alot of people. Now I am finding this quite easy.


What made you begin your blogging journey?

Instagram was the last thing I thought about as I waa experiencing a big loss in my family but I use to follow alot of the big fashion bloggers that had “made it” but also that werent as modest as I was. My cousin said that I should do it as she was sure that a lot of people would like my style. And BOOM I am here!

Where do you see yourself and your social media in two years? Five?

Five Years? For me, instagram and all the other social media platforms are really a platform nothing else. My focus is to grow it but its not my ultimate goal. I am mainly focusing on my blog and my youtube channel and to grow that. Hopefully, they will reflect the hard work of that.

Where do you WANT to see yourself and your social media in two years? Five?

 I hope that my social media matches my hard work that I am going to pour into my blog / youtube. But I;d like to be a full time blogger.


What makes your social media so unique?

 For a long time, I have not really cared what people think, so therefore you will see me with my no makeup and pre-coffee (not a pretty sight I tell you) and a good face mask never goes astray., I just keep being my best self I guess 🙂 

How many hours a week do you spend on social media?

Anywhere from 2 hours to 5. Depends on my work schedule 


What has been your favourite piece of work or company to work with?

 To be honest, I have worked so many brands it astounds me. I personally love the vintage looks I pull together. I am not working with brands with these but I still love them as they release my creative side.

What has been your greatest failure?

 I am just now starting YouTube when in actual fact I should’ve started 5 years ago but the person I was going against said was going to do it (just to annoy me I guess) and I couldn’t be bothered competing and backed down. This relationship was toxic between us anyway, so I guess she wanted to see what I would do. I should;ve stuck at it to be honest,, I could’ve been something by now

How would you describe your blogging style?

 I dont think I have a style, I am just authentically myself.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?

I didnt get alot of advice apart from my friend Jasmine’s suggestion about making photos better quality but I have heaps of advice for someone wanting to do it. BE PATIENT. I see so many trying to race others.. This isn’t a destination but a journey. There is no end date when you would make it. Be authentically yourself and dont care what people think.

You can find Jenet from Elegance of She on her Blog, YouTube & Instagram.


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