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FONDA Mexican

I love the incredible, delicious taste of food that is fresh, natural and full of flavours.


FONDA is just this; light, fresh food that actually tastes like it’s just come from your own kitchen. I think that’s what keeps bringing me back to Fonda Mexican. The menu is filled with inviting dishes with options for vegans, vegetarians and those wanting gluten free options.

image2 (2)image5


We started with white and blue tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa and charred corn, which was incredible- spicy, sweet and yummy!


Our main meal consisted of fish tacos with aioli and picked onion and carrot, a Max-Bim-Bap salad with pulled pork <<insert drooly face>>  and quinoa, carrot, cabbage and guacamole.


We washed these down with frozen margaritas- a Playa Del Sunrise and Lychee and Elderflower. And when I say we washed our dinner down with these delicious drinks, I do mean drinks…plural..more than one..each…

‘Fonda’ is Mexican for the local home, a place with an open kitchen making homely fresh food, using local sourced natural produce. The new Fonda at Westfield Knox is huge, bright, airy and staffed by the loveliest people.  A friendly smile, beautiful food and a great atmosphere. I could easily eat there multiple nights a week, and it’s perfect for a drink or snack before or after seeing a movie or a great place to meet for tacos and a catch up.





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