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Bloggers United Australia- Halloween Exchange

Slowly Halloween is becoming a ‘thing’ here in Australia.  There are costumes in the stores, specialised lollies are strewn throughout the supermarkets, with their scary packaging, lined up next to pumpkin pails, ready to collect all that sugar goodness.

HOCUS POCUS (USA 1992, Regie: Kenny Ortega) v.r. Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy / Hexen ------- WICHTIG: Nutzung nur redaktionell mit Filmtitelnennung bzw. Berichterstattung ber diesen Film. Buch- und Kalendernutzungen nur nach Absprache. --- IMPORTANT: To be used solely for editorial coverage of this specific motion picture/tv programme/ RTG2 Picture AllianceEverett Collection

It’s no Hocus Pocus yet, but we’re getting there…

As a bit of fun, and a way of getting to know other bloggers, the duo over at Bloggers United AU arranged a ‘swap’ between members across the country- packages of goodies would be mailed out, ready for us to open on Halloween.

Parcels didn’t have to just contain candy goodies, but themed with what each blogger liked, blogged about or just something exciting to open up on the 31st.

I was paired with a cherub in New South Wales, Fiona from Little Lioness and I received a box load of awesome goodies!


I received a Thai Red Curry Kit from Blue Dragon which make delicious, quick and easy meal kits and also jarred sauces. I love Thai food so I can’t wait to use this pack.


I’m also excited to try my Cacao, Maca and Chia breakfast blend from The Happy Sol Food Company, I just love the idea of being able to give myself a little boost, especially on the days when I’m working and then going hard at the gym.

I also received some Higher Living Tea, which is Cinnamon infused and caffeine free. I honestly love smelling the pack, it is heavenly.


What do you think about the range of sugars and not sugars around?  There seem to be so many options, so much negativity, so much positivity.  Options everywhere.  I think sugar is sugar and there are just better options and choices. I was excited to find a pack of Indonesian Coconut Blossom Sugar in my gift.  This is an unrefined sugar that is organically grown and can be used with porridge, baking and has a caramel flavour.  Again sugar in moderation, as we all know, but I never like to moderate how often I cook with it!


I also received some Emma and Tom’s raw fruit and nut bars- you may know this company well, they have been making their juices for a number of years now and I have seem their raw bars around and have tried a few flavours.  Fiona was kind enough to send me the Cacao and Coffee Bean bar and the Fig and Lemon bar.  These are all natural with no added sugar or preservatives  As I mentioned with The Happy Sol Food Company, I love things like this as an added extra to my food, especially on higher activity days to replenish calories and give me that extra boost.


I was really happy to see a box of Kez’s Free and Naked (teehehe) in my delivery. Yummy, cold pressed, sticky date bars- gluten free, a good source of fibre and no added anything.  All their products are always tasty, easy to find in supermarkets and perfect if you’re gluten intolerant.


Please visit me on Periscope to view me opening my gifts live- @SimplyNatalieLaura

A huge huge thank you to Fiona for such an amazing array of gifts and to Bloggers United AU for their awesome and fun festive ideas and for their ongoing motivation, persistence and knowledge.


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