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Making Sauerkraut

So my local orchard Bushy Park had a special on their cabbage, so I picked up two massive ones for $2.

My mum was planning on making coleslaw and a batch of Beef Chow Mein with some of the cabbage and I wanted to give making Sauerkraut a go.

Have you made Sauerkraut before?

It’s literally salt, water and of course cabbage.

I chopped half a head of cabbage up into small bits and poured a handful into a bowl.

image                                       image

Bit by bit I added more cabbage to the bowl and massaged it with my hands with salt.

image                                            image

Slowly it began to break down and wilt.

A briny liquid started to form and that’s when I placed in an old dill pickle jar that I had been saving for my Sauerkraut attempt.

Once the jar was full and the cabbage compacted in I filled the jar with a little water so the cabbage was fully covered.


I used about 1.5 tablespoons of salt in this mixture.

The salt helps to break down the cabbage and also helps with the fermentation process.

My jar of soon-to-be Sauerkraut is now sitting on my kitchen bench, lid off and wrapped in a tea towel.


I will check it daily and keep adding some salted water as needed.

I will keep you updated…..fingers crossed it works!!


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