Ritchie’s Supa IGA- Rowville

If you live in the area of Knox, or you’re not too far away head over to Wellington Village. This little supermarket is taking a huge, positive step into healthy living and better food alternatives.

If you’re leading a Gluten Free lifestyle, Vegan, Raw or just conscious of what you’re eating definitely make the drive to IGA.

I lost count of the vast variety of brands stocked, and American brands such as Mary’s Gone Crackers and Amy’s are readily available.
Aussie brands such as Mayver’s and Pana Chocolate cover the walls. 
Ritchie’s new Healthy Living section is, by no means small. There is a whole section of the supermarket full of organic and gluten free items. There’s even a fridge and freezer section dedicated to coconut yoghurts, almond milks and a full selection of frozen goods.

The confectionary isle has Sweet William, Greens, the before mentioned Pana Chocolate and Alter Ego bars.
If you’re focused on a Gluten Free life there’s plenty to choose from- pastas, sauces and spreads.

IGA has a boat load of Orgran products along with a wonderful range of Vegan items- everything from frozen goods, yoghurts, chocolates and cheeses.

There’s also plenty of juices and other beverages to choose from, including cold, ready to go drinks.

I am very impressed with the displays and the huge variety of brands. The prices are very good too. It’s great to see a company with such buying power making the healthier lifestyle easier to achieve & products simple to locate. 

If it’s tea you’re after there’s a massive isle dedicated to just that, trust me there’s plenty to chose from! The staff are very helpful too, it was great to not have them shy away from uncommon products.

Beans, legumes and canned goods litter the shelves, with a tiny 99c on them, what a bargain!

Ritchie’s Supa IGA in Wellington Villiage will now be my new shopping destination, rather than having to flit from one supermarket to another, then to a healthfood store and then online.
Keep up the excellent work IGA, hopefully other supermarkets will follow your lead!


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