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28 Day Break Thru- FINALE

I’ve really enjoyed my journey along Fernwood Fitness’ 28 Day Break Thru.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, this programme is designed with a healthy eating & workout plan.
The plan I followed was Vegetarian Pear Shaped. All my meals & workouts were set out for me & each week a video was available for me to watch, talking about everything from lifestyle changes to fad dieting.
The Fernwood Angels; Susan (for mindset), Genevieve (for exercise) and Tracey (for nutrition) are motivating, thorough & dish the dirt on changing your mindset to reach & achieve your goals.
The food plans are easy to follow, each week a shopping list is emailed. Purchase the goods & create your breakfasts, lunches & dinners. There’s a great range of snacks too. All foods are easy to find & there’s nothing I couldn’t locate in my local supermarket. 
The meals take no time to create & most dinners are also eaten for lunch the next day too. If you have a family to feed then double or triple the recipes & serve them up to partners & kids. There was nothing my four year old turned his nose up at & it meant no separate cooking for me.
My goal was to up my fitness & also lose the five kilos is gained since moving back into the family home. Four days before the completion of the 28 Day Break Thru I weighed in at my goal! 
There’s a huge support network involved with the plan, online & in club.
I enjoyed the social networking via the website & also via Facebook & Instagram. 
If you need to lose weight, create a routine or just increase your fitness then please, give the Fernwood Fitness 28 Day Break Thru a go.
The programme is not a chore, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s easy to follow, foods/meals/exercises are interchangeable & you don’t need to be a Fernwood Member.

A huge thank you to Fernwood Fitness & the Fernwood Angels. I’m overjoyed at my results & plan to keep up the new exercise routines & continue enjoying the yummy recipes!

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