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Winter Warmer

I enjoyed a visit to The Coffee Club on the weekend with my Aunt. We decided to give their new ‘Winter Warmers’ a go. 

A baked bean breakfast hotpot & a slow cooked beef hotpot. 
Not badly priced and very flavoursome.
Both were about 540 calories, so a decent meal and great in the winter weather. But on the downside, for the size of the meals they were pretty high calorie.
Slow Cooked Beef Hot Pot

Egg & Bean Hot Pot

I enjoy my weekly visits to the coffee club, mainly for coffee but sometimes for a light breakfast or salad.
I like that the Coffee Club menu contains the list of kjs attached to each item so it’s great if you are calorie counting or want a lighter, healthier option.
Visit the Coffee Club website and view their menu at


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