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Thr1ve, Melbourne

High protein, low carb, gluten free & no added sugar! 
Perfect meals. 
Perfect drinks.
I visited Thr1ve at the Melbourne Emporium and was greeted by lovely staff & walked away with a delicious breakfast. The choices at Thr1ve are plentiful and focus on nutritionally balanced meals. 
For breakfast there’s the option of Paleo Pancakes, Oats, Breakfast Bowls- eggs, salmon, spinach; or toast, granola & coffees.
Lunches include varied smoothies, shredded pork, chargrilled chicken, pulled beef or salad greens.
There’s also a fridge stocked with beverages from Emma & Tom’s plus coconut water. 
Eating at The1ve is like putting all your healthy training into practice. Whether it’s a balanced beginning to your day or recovery after a heavy gym workout you can find your good fats, non- gluten, high protein options all in one place. 
For me, I knew I was going to have a massive day of walking during my city trip and I wanted to start my day with enjoyable, good tasting foods.
I ordered a Breakfast Bowl- egg whites with one yolk, wilted spinach, salmon & smashed avocado. It was a filling start to my hectic city adventure! 
The service was wonderful, staff member Nick letting me still order breakfast even though they were in the process of changing the menu over to Lunch.
Smiles, friendly service and great food topped off my visit to Thr1ve. 
Just like a gym work out, Thr1ve’s about the quality not the quantity- quality produce and ingredients are used in Thr1ve’s menu, focusing on the nutritional side of things rather than a plate filled with foods of nutritionally empty calories.
Don’t miss out on visiting this non-typical ‘food court’ business. Go and grab some breakfast or just a yummy smoothie.
I know I’m looking forward to my next journey into Melbourne- lunch at Thr1ve!
Please visit Thr1ve at-
Shop 3-026, Emporium
287 Lonsdale Street

Search: Thr1ve on Facebook/Instagram 


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