simply natalie laura

Days of Salads

Alright, so I didn’t exactly succeed at 24 days of salads, I don’t think I even made it to 10! And I’m going to blame the busy time of year that is, December.

I had a couple of family events come up which interrupted my salad plans so I’m just going to continue from now until Christmas Eve.
Tonight I threw together a few bits and pieces, I had some left over spinach and cherry tomatoes so I again created a tasting platter of veggies and some salsa and mayonnaise. 
I’m addicted to dipping pretzels in salsa or mayonnaise, and I think it adds a different element to a typical salad. 
Even the Little Man decided that the meatballs I’d cooked for him weren’t the go tonight and decided upon, cold ham, grated cheese and spinach. Not as exotic as my plate but watching him top his spinach leaves with ham and cheese and balancing the three into his mouth was pretty impressive.


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