24 Days of Salads: Egg & Avocado

This. Was. The. Bomb.

I love avocado. As written in previous posts, it’s health benefits are amazing. Almost like its the most perfect food.
I’m yet to try it with maple syrup as recommended by a friend. 
Avo’s are versitile too- add to smoothies, cakes, sweet or savoury dishes & even to your skin & hair. They’re good for helping to lower cholesterol & high in the ‘good fats’ and omega 3 & potassium.
Tonight I made my version of curried egg- well with just the egg part- 
Egg & Avocado Salad

Start with a dollop of low fat mayonnaise, teaspoon of garlic & some pepper.

To this add a squirt of lemon juice & mix together.
Add two nearly hard boiled eggs & half an avocado.

Combine until all the egg is broken up & then top on a bed of your favourite salad greens. I went with a spinach & lettuce mix. I had some left over mung bean sprouts that I threw on top.
This was a creamy, semi warm (from the egg) salad & I devoured it pretty quick!


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