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15 Kilo Weightloss

So I'm nearly there.I've lost 15.2 kilos with 4.8 kilos to go to reach my weightloss goal.It wasn't easy. But it was at least achieveable & I didn't need to sweat it up at the gym or perform a zillion crunches.I just looked at the situation logically.How does my body feel and/or react to certain… Continue reading 15 Kilo Weightloss

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24 Days of Salad: Tasting Plate

This has to be my favourite type of salad.A bit of everything without the pile of greens! Usually a plate of lettuce with a few chopped up vegetables isn't exactly enticing but a small variety of vegies and sauces displayed right, look much more appealing.Try mushrooms, mini capsicums, pretzels (yes pretzels), nuts, mayonnaise and cheeses can… Continue reading 24 Days of Salad: Tasting Plate