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That Sugar Film

Fads. Fads. Fads.They're everywhere.OMGAtkins, OMGgluten-free, OMGpaleo, blah, blah and blah.Why not use our common sense (we know not everyone has a suitable dose) when looking at the bigger picture- too much of anything can't be good, right?With all this in mind, Damon Gameau has released his documentary- That Sugar Film & I was lucky enough… Continue reading That Sugar Film

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Sugar Free Chocolate Oatmeal

Yummy yummy get in my Tummy!Quick and delicious twist on your morning porridge.You will need:1/2 cup oats/oatmeal3/4 cup Almond Breeze2 tsp Vitarium Sugar Free Chocolate Powder1 tsp Loving Earth Maca PowderCombine all ingredients and microwave in 20 second instalments, mixing each time until you reach your desired consistency.Topping:1 tbs Yoghurt of your choice1 tsp Carob… Continue reading Sugar Free Chocolate Oatmeal

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Chocolate Mint Truffles

These were a bit of an experiment but they resulted in a tasty, minty truffle that's soft & fudge-like on the inside! Completely UN healthy but 'tis the season to be jolly & full. Rather than eating them yourself, make them as a gift! These are so easy to make & literally include a handful… Continue reading Chocolate Mint Truffles