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Smoothie Time

A quick smoothie for the morning- spinach, banana, raspberry, agave & unsweetened almond milk.

Smoothies are super easy & anything can be blended quick & smooth & sweetened to your liking. A good way to get a dose of vegetables too!


Days of Salads

Alright, so I didn’t exactly succeed at 24 days of salads, I don’t think I even made it to 10! And I’m going to blame the busy time of year that is, December.

I had a couple of family events come up which interrupted my salad plans so I’m just going to continue from now until Christmas Eve.
Tonight I threw together a few bits and pieces, I had some left over spinach and cherry tomatoes so I again created a tasting platter of veggies and some salsa and mayonnaise. 
I’m addicted to dipping pretzels in salsa or mayonnaise, and I think it adds a different element to a typical salad. 
Even the Little Man decided that the meatballs I’d cooked for him weren’t the go tonight and decided upon, cold ham, grated cheese and spinach. Not as exotic as my plate but watching him top his spinach leaves with ham and cheese and balancing the three into his mouth was pretty impressive.

24 Days of Salad: Mediterranean Mix

Tonight’s salad consisted of a few handfuls of mixed green salad leaves & some marinated vegetables.

I was cooking the family some seafood so I added a few prawns to my mix of feta, olives, semi dried tomatoes & anchovies.

This was a really quick & easy dish to throw together & was a fresh, fuller meal than previous salad dishes. 
Salads are so versitile and easy, I’m looking forward to trialling some new ‘salad’ dishes. 

24 Days of Salad: Cranberry & Feta

So this salad was meant to be made with spinach but I only realised this as I tossed the last of the spinach to the guinea pigs. 

I scrounged up some coleslaw and added a handful of low fat feta diced, a handful of dried cranberries & two sliced spring onions. I drizzled some balsamic vinegar over the top too.
It combines sweet and salty flavours and perfect as a light meal. Next time I would as some raw almonds too.

Veggie Tacos

The Wee Man wanted Tacos for dinner, so we picked up some Mexican seasoning, salsa & taco shells.

Brown 500 grams of extra lean pork mince then add 1 cup of grated zucchini & 1 cup of four bean mix & 1 cup of creamed corn. Once softened add 1 jar of mild salsa. 

Add 2 tablespoons of Mexican seasoning & 1/2 a cup of water.

Once cooked warm the taco shells & then fill with spinach, mince mixture & top with sour cream & grated cheese. 

Quick, easy & a better option to traditional mexican tacos.

Boring Salad?

Salad makes me think of a pile of lettuce, with maybe some tomato & cucumber.

Maybe even spinach, feta & Spanish onion. Maybe that’s the reason why people are so turned off with the idea of a Salad as a meal. It doesn’t always have to be a considered as just a side. 
Try No lettuce with some bean shoots, lentil shoots, anchovy, salsa, beetroot & croutons.
What about some purple kale, artichoke hearts, alfalfa, egg, mayonnaise & some olives. 
One of my favourites is tzatsiki, pretzels, alfalfa, bean shoots, mung beans, capsicum & rocket.
Tonight’s salad contained spinach, pickled onion, capers, roasted capsicum, asparagus, tzatsiki, pretzels, bean shoots, cherry tomatoes & anchovies.