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Gluten Free Tofu Dippers

I love using tofu. It’s so versatile and comes in many forms. It’s plain and pretty tasteless but adding sauces, spices and herbs can create many delicious dishes.

Silken tofu is perfect for use in cakes and to even use as vegan ‘scrambled eggs’.

I purchased some Firm Tofu to crumb; and pair with my favourite Roza’s Gourmet Sauce. In the end I couldn’t decide between the two sauces and went with both- Habanero Chilli Mayo & Smokey Aioli. 
You will need:
2 pieces of firm tofu sliced into rectangles
4 tbls gluten free flour
1/2 teaspoon each dill and oregano 
2 tbs coconut oil
1 tsp Roza’s Smokey Aioli
1 tsp Roza’s Habanero Chilli Mayo
Mix the flour and herbs.
Coat the tofu pieces in the flour mix.

Heat the coconut oil in a mini wok or small frying pan.
Once the oil is bubbling away gently place the tofu pieces in the pan and let them sizzle away for about 30-40 seconds on each side.

Once browned and crispy, using tongs place them on some paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

Plate them in a shallow dish with Roza’s gourmet sauces on the side, or you could probably just dip them in the jar.

The herbs aren’t over powering and the flavours of the sauces will come through with each dip. The tofu should be crispy on the outside and firm and moist in the inside.


Roza’s Gourmet Sauces

I was lucky enough to be gifted with a gorgeous couple of bottles of gourmet sauces from Brisbane family company Roza’s.

A spicy Habanaro Chilli Mayo & a Smokey Aioli.
The main things I dig about Roza’s Gourmet Sauces is that they’re Aussie, family run & have a diverse range of vegan, dairy free & gluten free products.
There’s not much their sauces don’t pair with- pasta, burgers, as a dip, a side with fries or tossed through roasted vegetables. 
It didn’t take much to conjure up some ideas on how I wanted to enjoy Roza’s- albeit I did enjoy just spooning it into my gob & resisting the double dip!
Aioli Potato Skins

This creates a perfect snack or entree-style dish- it’s easy, quick & delicious.
You will need-
6 medium potatoes 
2 rashers diced bacon
Olive oil
Roza’s Smokey Aioli

Preheat a fan forced oven to 200 degrees celsius. 
Halve the potatoes & boil in a saucepan until tender. Drain.
Line a baking dish with foil & spray with olive oil.

Using a spoon, gently scoop out the potato flesh- careful it will be hot- & place the skins in the pan, sprinkling with salt. You needn’t be neat about the skins, the messier the more ‘rustic’ once baked.

Bake the potatoes for 20 minutes or until they are browned & crispy.

Whilst the potatoes are cooking, use a non stick fry pan to caramelise the diced bacon.

Serve the skins on a plate or wooden chopping board (keeping with the rustic theme) & top with lavishing serves of Roza’s Smokey Aioli & sprinkle with the cooked bacon.
Easy, indulgent & satisfying!

Habanero Chilli Sushi

Sushi is just so good. 
I can eat it and never feel full. 
It’s packed with flavour, there’s a ton of varieties & no end to the supply. 

I’ve never made my own & thought I’d give it a whirl. Sushi is definitely easier to make than I thought it would be & the end result was professional-looking (well kind of) & tasted great!

You will need:

2x Sushi Nori Sheets
1 cup Sushi Rice
2 tbs Sushi Rice Vinegar 
1 bamboo Sushi mat (optional)
1 small carrot sliced into thin sticks
1 small cucumber sliced into thin sticks
12 cooked prawns
Roza’s Gourmet Habanero Chilli Mayo

Cook the sushi rice as per directions- this will include using the Rice Vinegar.
Once the rice had cooled place a Nori Sheet upon the bamboo mat, making sure it is on a flat, dry surface. Using wet fingers scoop the rice onto the Nori, spreading it about 2 centimetres from the edges. This should use half the rice.

Smear a tablespoon of Roza’s Gourmet Habanero Chilli Mayo vertically along the centre of the rice then add half of the prawns atop the sauce, you will need to straighten them with a knife or by hand. Top with half of the cucumber & carrot sticks.

This is the fun part- well besides the eating part- using the bamboo mat, slowly begin to roll the sushi. The mat aids as a guide and gently add pressure as rolling, this helps the rice to stick.

Once rolled cut off the ends with a sharp, damp knife & then slice the roll into little discs.

Serve with pickled ginger or more Habanero Chilli Mayo.