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Spent a couple of nights away at Willow Brook Cottages in Daylesford. 

A quaint little place with six self contained cottages with a fireplace & cosy verandah. Perfect accomadation for what we needed but also very run down & actually for sale.
Perfect weather for our first day but woke up to a chilly foggy second morning.
Very small, cute town with a couple of awesome antique stores. Lots of vintage items to purchase from shoes to toys to old oil cans.
We visited the lovely Himalaya Bakery for a Vegan breakfast. They’re the first place I’ve found that actually use soy ice cream in their smoothies. Although I opted for a Tofu Scramble & fair trade organic soy chai latte. 

Tofu is light in calories & can be used as the high protein part of a meal. It absorbs any flavour and can be used in sweet & savoury dishes. Silken Tofu is usually used for a scramble as it’s airy and jelly-like, more ‘eggy’. 
Himalayan Bakery had a very good range of vegan, gluten free & dairy free options. Meals, cakes, milks & breads.
After our late breakfast we drove to Hepburn Springs & went on a few small walks & then on a hike through the Hepburn bush trails. 

It was a very pretty track that took a good hour to complete, we even spotted an Echidna.

It’s been a good couple of days away, good food & plenty of walking. Was the break I needed & felt good to just have points of just doing nothing & watching movies. 
We relaxed at night in front of the fireplace with wine & snacks.
We had packed fruits, low calorie dinners & protein bars to keep our energy up

We had a mix of Lara Bars, Luna Bars & Quest Bars. It’s always better to snack on fruits & veggies though, only opting for protein bars if you’re looking at replacing meals or pre workout.

My good friend Jess came away with me so it was a great to spend more than a couple of hours on catch up & a break for her too.

Quest? Over the rest?

And the last thing you want to do is throw that hard work away by eating other nutrition bars or meal replacement bars that are little more than thinly disguised candy.’ 
From the Quest website. 

Yes this is a pretty true statement.
A lot of protein bars are filled with lots of processed sugars & high carb contents.
Quest Bars are high fibre, low carb & contain only a few ingredients. A few many less than most protein bars.
Lo Han Guo is a plant found in China, this is used to add sweetness, as is stevia, sucralose & erythritol. 
The latter proven, to not upset even the most sensitive of stomachs. 
Not all these sweeteners are used in all bars.
Quest uses nut butters for their chewiness which also means even more protein & no trans fat!
Whey isolate delivers protein to your body, helping to
-increased muscle mass
-aid in the loss of body fat
-enhance immune function
– helps absorption of amino acids
Each bar is high in fibre, and aids in digestive health, feelings of fullness & general well-being. 

The purpose of protein is to maintain muscles, fluids & organs in the body. High activity requires more protein or the bars can be used between meals. 
Don’t over do it though. 

Unless you want to gain weight, stick to a protein bar as a snack or after exercise; after all they are filled with extra calories, so are suitable if you wish to bulk up. 

When using for weight loss, enjoy as a snack on a calorie controlled diet & before and/or after exercise.

These bars have become hugely popular in Australia & can currently be purchased from Go Vita or GNC. They are very expensive though, over $3.50 a bar or up to $40 a box. 
I recommend ordering straight from the USA through A box of Quest Bars cost about $26 plus $8 shipping although, trust me, you’ll get your discount on shipping (minimum $60 purchase I believe) once you peruse all their other health products. 

My recommendations are Chocolate Brownie & Apple Pie. 

Zap them in the microwave for even more amazing taste!