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Nutrition Station

Have you visited the Nutrition Station at Doncaster Shopping Centre?

If you haven’t get down there & check them out!

The customer service is outstanding & the staff were more than happy to show off their range of products & explain to me their food & drink options. The gentleman working brought out menus of their regular food products- unfortunately their supplier was closed over the Christmas period so there wasn’t any meals to sample, but the variety was huge!


Nutrition Station also have a loyalty program that works on a points system, for every dollar spent. Trust me, it will be easy to spend dollars at this place as Nutrition Station cater for literally all your health needs! 

The menu displays a vast variety of basic shakes, smoothies, foods & prepacked meals. 

There’s a decent selection of Vegan Smoothies- I chose the Vegan Vigor- protein, coconut water, raw multi powder, walnuts, chia seeds, cinnamon, berries & banana. The drink was well priced and of decent size.

All calories & protein are listed on each menu item for all sizes which is great of you’re on a macro budget.
There’s some delicious acai bowls & frozen protein yoghurts to chose from too.

The Nutrition Station is young, vibrant & has a fresh feeling about it. The menu is inviting & the staff passionate about what they’re doing. Hopefully this company will pop up at more shopping centres in Melbourne, giving those looking for better, healthier options the chance to indulge in something great tasting & nutritional.

The Nutrition Bar

I love that there are so many more places opening up that are providing real, genuine foods.
Nutrition Bar has been at the top of my list for a while & I finally made the visit to Richmond by train today.
The two staff members working today were friendly and patient as I perused the menu boards for my nourishing breakfast.
I settled on an Acai Bowl with strawberry and banana.

The service was quick and the food was presented beautifully and it was worth my train ride!
Nutrition Bar, lined with its wooden benches and matching indoor and outdoor seating is clean, streamlined and bright.

I can imagine it would become quite busy late morning and early afternoon, taking in the hustle of Swan Street. 
The menu is pretty straight forward with detailed descriptions of ingredients and options for vegans and those needing gluten free.
There is a handy take away display cabin ate with oats, raw slices and cakes and pre packed salad lunches, with chicken and falafel options.

My Acai bowl was made fresh and a really good start to my morning. It was made of a acai, banana & coconut water purée topped with toasted granola, nuts, strawberries and banana. 
There’s some gorgeous shakes & green smoothies available, again gluten free, vegan and dairy free options are readily available. 
Additional extras and Superfoods such as bee pollen, buckins, chia, protein powders and vital greens are an extra $1 and Superfood take home packs such as goji berries & maca powder are well priced at $10.
This is one Clean Eating place you need to add to your list. The service, smiles and overall variety at Nutrition Bar will have you returning to try more of their goodness.

The Nutrition Bar will be opening in Windsor soon but is currently open at 121 Swan Street, Richmond or or search them on Facebook.
Read up on founder Eli at

Pressed Juices, Melbourne

There’s something about being in the City that makes me feel uptight, rushed and under the pump.  It puts me the mindset that I needed to get to my destination and that I needed to arrive there quickly. 

Amongst all the busy city traffic and the workers marching around like soldiers, a place like Pressed Juices exists. 

We are constantly surrounded by the usual busy, on the go meals and drinks, grab and go breakfasts and premade everything, finding something so simple, unrefined and un-processed, is like finding that little bit of nature in the midst of our concrete jungle.

Cold Pressed Juices rather than standard blended or juiced, helps to retain all the nutrition of the fruits and vegetables, the foods are literally pressed to extract the juices. 

All the Pressed Juice combinations should be consumed within 24 hours of opening due to the lack of preservatives. Just like a piece of fruit or vegetable, the drinks have a limited used by, making these juices the closest to eating the real thing, without having to consume a whole two kilos of kale. 

The Pressed Juices deliver highly concerntrated nutritional benefits in a delicious, quick and energising drink.
The customer service at Pressed Juices was sensational. A lovely team member, Kristy, explained all the combinations to me, made suggestions and took the time to give me a pleasent experience at Pressed Juices.  There are samples available & Kristy even let me keep my purchases in the fridge until I’d finished my City run around!
There were plenty of different combinations- 
green juices, smoothies, mylks, antioxidants and zests- just to name a few. 
I chose four Pressed Juices-
Spiced Almond Mylk
Filtered water                                                       
Vanilla bean
Sea salt

Smooth Energy
Coconut water

Smooth Vitality
Coconut water

Smooth Nourish
Filtered water
Almond meal
Vanilla bean
Sea salt
Definitely head to one of the Pressed Juices stores. Everything about these cute bottles is delicious and you can literally taste all the goodness in every sip. Thanks for a wonderful experience!  
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Instagram- pressedjuices

Vegan Eggnog

I came up with this recipe as I was stunned that I could not find a vegan or dairy free eggnog anywhere in stores.

Even the health food stores have me blank stares.
This has a similar consistancy to eggnog without the egg part!
You will need: 
1 avocado
1 cup coconut milk
2 cups unsweetened almond milk
Pinch ground cloves
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 tablespoons agave
1/4 cup rum (optional)

Blend all ingredients, starting with almost frozen avocado and coconut milk.
It has a thicker, fuller consistency than a smoothie and ice could be added too.
I didn’t add the rum as I didn’t have any but it would give it that adult kick.
The Wee-Man loved it and drank lost of it. The avocado have it the good fats and helped with the thickness. I found the coconut milk in a long life pack at Coles, rather than using the tinned milk.
You could also add a squeeze of lemon juice to help with the darkening of te avocado and for a bit more flavour too. I LOVE eggnog but the packages varieties are high in fat and calories and I haven’t come across even a ‘light’ variety as of yet.
Hope you enjoy.

Stuffed Mini Capsicums

Made a light snack today, super easy and quick with some things I had in the fridge.

This was easy to do with some mini capsicums and about two tablespoons of light cream cheese
I added a teaspoon of honey & 10 crushed pistachios. Mix and then stuff each capsicum. This made four little bite sized capsicums and were sweet and salty.